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Our WHAT...

We offer a plethora of Professional Development options for educational institutions and organizations.

Our wellness retreats allow leaders to take time to slow down, recenter, and gather simple yet life-changing strategies to live a healthy & balances life.

Our podcast allows leaders to tune in at their leisure to gain strategies and insight on living a FYT ADMYN LYFE.

He’s Only 8!

There is the world’s view & then there is

a mother’s view of her son.

He’s Only 8, tells the story on who our Black Boys TRULY ARE, versus who society portrays them to be.

Our WHY...

Our Mission is to Help Leaders:

  • Remember their WHY
  • Center their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health
  • Serve from their overflow versus their steam.
  • Serve and lead from a culturally responsive lens

Fyt Admyn Lyfe LLC. is centered in helping leaders to lead from their WHY as they serve from their overflow. Way too often leaders are dying, getting sick, and quitting due to exhaustion and burn-out. Fyt Admyn Lyfe is committed to supporting leaders as they strive to live a balanced mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional Fyt Admyn Lyfe.

Upcoming Events

February , 2024

Black Child Book Fair

When: February 2 - 3, 2024

Where: Malcom X College Chicago, IL

Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Hosted By: Daryl Harvey Event Link

Lake County ROE- Institute Day

When: February 16, 2024

Where: Park School in Round Lake, IL

Time: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Hosted By: Lake County ROE Event Link

Topic 1: Social Emotional Learning in the K-5 Classroom

Topic 2: Culturally Responsive Teaching Through the Lens of He’s Only 8!

  • When: February 21 & 24, 2024
  • Where: College of Lake County
  • Grayslake Campus- Wednesday, February 21st
    • Time: 11:00-7:30 pm
  • Waukegan Campus- Saturday, February 24th
    • Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Hosted By: FytAdmynLyfe

Upcoming Events


The Black Author’s Book Week

Interested vendors,

please click here.

Professional Development

Professional Development Topics:

  • Culturally Responsive Leadership
  • Culturally Responsive Instructional Practices
  • Trauma Informed Practices
  • Restorative Practices
  • Vision Casting & Implementation
  • Data-Driven Leadership
  • Getting a Pulse Check on Your Organization
  • Healing Your Hurting Team
  • Healthy Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance

Wellness Retreat

Our wellness retreats focus on:

  • Mindful Mornings
  • Finding your work-life balance
  • Addressing your leadership trauma
  • Leading from a healthy space
  • How to identify & avoid burn-out


Our podcasts provide a space for dialogue and inquiry. Living a Fyt Admyn Lyfe has a lot of layers and is a challenging mission.

As leaders, we often think we can do all the things all the time. The Fyt Admyn Lyfe Podcasts is a transparent space where leaders from various walks of life come to share their truth, their experience, and to offer wisdom to other leaders. We all have struggles and we all have spaces of excellence.

Join us as we learn strategies & tools to live a Fyt Admyn Lyfe!



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Establishing a New Vision to Facilitate Mindset Transition for Achieving Academic Excellence

~LM Fitch Consulting

He’s Only 8!

  • A must read for every educator & parent of a Black child.

  • He's Only 8! speaks to the truth of who our black boys are compared to narrative that society creates about them.

  • A book for the entire family. I promise this book will generate rich and life changing conversations.

  • The young children in your life deserve to know they are amazing!

  • We provide professional development & school author visits with autographed copies of the book.

Get Your Copy Today! Available on Amazon

Our Clients

Quotation Mark

"Your retreat changed my life. I reflect on it everyday and it pushes me to get up and prioritize myself."

Lydia R.

Quotation Mark

I have never read a book that so clearly names systemic injustice for black boys like, He’s Only 8! does.

April F.

Quotation Mark

Your podcasts always leaves me thinking. I love the insight that you and your guest share. As a leader it is isolating and hard, but I appreciate the advise you all share. It helps me to feel like it is okay to slow down and breathe.

Laura P.

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